Thursday, December 2

Xiaomi Mi 8 fingerprint, fast charging, 3D smartphone

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The Xiaomi Mi 8 will he hit a big shot? The Xiaomi Mi 8 will offer three technologies among the most popular users and this for a price that we imagine in the price list of the Chinese manufacturer.

And for good reason: the phone will offer quick charging Quick Charge 4.0 facial recognition 3D Face ID of the iPhone X but especially a fingerprint reader under the screen, Holy Grail manufacturers. In other words, competitors in the smartphone market will have to pay close attention to the world number four, which is gradually gaining ground in the hearts of users. But who will stop Xiaomi?

The Xiaomi Mi 8, a technological monster?

Qualcomm, the chip maker, has just confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi 8 would be well equipped with Quick Charge 4.0 quick charging. One way to overcome one of the biggest black spots on current smartphones: low autonomy. Battery level, the phone will only be equipped with a battery of 3300 mAh, nothing exceptional. The second function that will be proposed and much talk aficionados of new technologies is none other than the fingerprint reader under the screen – according to information from MyDrivers. Xiaomi even teased this feature through a poster on Weibo: ” Choose your unlocking method”.

Because in addition to the fingerprint reader under the screen, the phone will offer facial recognition … 3D! A much more advanced technology than the traditional one and used by the iPhone X and its Face ID. As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mi 8 will also display a Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a dual 16 + 20-megapixel sensor and a 6.2-inch display using OLED technology.