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UFC 219: Holly Holm-Cris Cyborg beat the unbeatable

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Saturday night at UFC 219, against Cyborg Cris featherweight champion, Holm once again has the opportunity to beat the unbeatable.

When Holly Holm faced Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in 2015, not many people gave a chance to the nickname “The Preacher’s Daughter”. After all, Rousey was seen as the best fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. She had never lost in 12 professional fights and most had finished in the first round.

But when referee Herb Dean lifted the winner’s hand in the air, it was Holm, not Rousey, who had a smile stuck to his face. She used her speed and footwork during the fight, and put Rousey KO. in the second round with a brutal kick to the head, followed by a rush of strikes.

Cyborg (18-1) has not lost since its professional debut in 2005. It outclasses its opponents standing up and down and has never been in real trouble for years.

How could Holm succeed in causing surprise? ESPN Mixed Martial Arts Analyst and ex-fighter Gilbert Melendez presented his victory keys for the title fight.

Size will not be a determining factor

Few fighters can compare themselves to Cyborg physically. Holm, however, is one of them. Both athletes measure 5 ft. 8. Even though Holm has an advantage of one inch in the reach.

“Let’s talk about size first,” says Melendez. Everyone says that Cyborg Cris is gigantic, that it is bigger than everyone else and that it exceeds everyone. She’s going to fight Holly Holm, who is also tough and in good shape. It is equivalent, Cree will not be superior to this chapter.

“Holly was able to counter Ronda Rousey’s leads. Few people can do that. She is very strong and imposes respect. Cyborg is able to beat someone just with his brute force, but when you reach a higher level, you need a perfect technique. ”

Holm’s style goes well with Cyborg’s

Holm, a former boxer, will not be content to stay in the clinch and exchange shots with Cyborg. It would be heading straight for defeat. She will not try to bring the fight to the ground either. She must fall back on her footwork and speed Saturday night.

“Many of Cyborg’s previous opponents did not have the tools that Holm Holm possesses,” says Melendez. That’s what people neglect. Standing, few women can move like Holly. It is very fluid and moves easily in the octagon. Several of Cyborg’s former opponents were good henchmen, but remained too static. They do not move as well as Holm. ”

“We must expect Holm to be very active, to move a lot. She will neutralize Cyborg with her kicks, push kicks and front kicks . Holly has enough power to hurt her, but that’s not what she’ll try to do, look for the KO. at all costs. She will want to be precise.

“These kicks to the body and kicks and punches to the head can change the pace of the fight. But do not try to get the KO, it must be done naturally.”

The positive effect of Holm’s victory over Rousey

The mere sight of Cyborg may be enough to frighten many. She is so intimidating. When the door of the cage closes and you look at your opponent, it’s hard to keep calm. Holm is one of the few who will not fall under pressure.

“All knew how to defeat Ronda Rousey, but once they entered the arena, they were overwhelmed by emotions and did not fight intelligently,” says Melendez. Not Holly Holm. She kept calm and respected the plan. It was good to have coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn at his side. They will establish a great game plan against Cyborg.

“Holm has already done it once and believes she can do it again. After defeating Ronda, and thanks to her coaches, she will not be intimidated. She will trust her and she will go for it. ”

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