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A tropical storm Tembin hit Philippines, Fire after the storm

storm Tembin hit Philippines, storm Tembin, fire

Fire after the tropical storm Tembin hit Philippines… another tragedy occurred after the storm in the Philippines. At least 37 people have disappeared and most likely died as a result of a violent fire in a shopping center in the city of Davao in the south of the country.

Firefighters fought for several hours with fire.

Following the powerful tropical storm that hit the south of the Philippines and killed more than 200 peoples, there was another misfortune.

At least 37 people have disappeared and most likely died as a result of a violent fire in a shopping center in the city of Davao in the south of the country.

The flames broke out on the third floor and spread to the top floor of the building. The staff of the telephone inquiry service located there turned out to be in a fiery trap.

They had no chance of salvation, said Deputy Mayor of Davao Paolo Duteret.

The father of the vice-mayor, the president of the country Rodrigo Duterte also visited the place of the tragedy and met with the families of the missing.

The cause of the fire is not yet established.

As the online edition of the Philippines Star Marketing Center Manager, the fire began on the third floor, where clothes, household appliances and furniture were sold.

Davao is the main port of the island of Mindanao, the third largest city in the country. It is located at a distance of 800 km southeast of the capital of Manila.

The Mindanao region has not yet recovered from the severe storm and floods that occurred the day before. Data on the number of victims and victims are being clarified, about 200 dead were reported earlier.

Dozens more people are reported missing, their fate is still unknown.

Storm Tembin led to floods and mud flows in several areas of the island of Mindanao.

The wind speed during the storm reached 80 kilometers per hour, now Tembin passed Mindanao and reached the southern part of the island of Palawan. Now he continues to move west.

A police spokesman in Tuboda told AFP news agency that at least 19 people were killed in the city.

“The water level in the river rose and most of the houses were washed away, the villages are no more,” he said.

He added that the volunteers are trying to dig out bodies of people from the mud in the village of Dalama.

Another official said that at least 10 people were killed in Piagapo, 10 km from Tuboda.

“We sent rescuers, but they did not make much progress because of the stones,” he said.

Philippines regularly suffer from the strongest tropical storms, although Mindanao is relatively rarely affected by cataclysms.

Tembin, who in the Philippines is called Vinta, attacked Mindanao on Friday, in some areas of the island was declared an emergency.

In the affected areas, there are failures in the supply of electricity and damage to communication lines that interfere with the work of rescuers.

A week ago a tropical storm of Kai-Tak hit the central region of the Philippines, dozens of people became victims.

The region is still not recovering from the typhoon of Khayan, which resulted in the death of more than five thousand people in 2013.

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