Wednesday, May 12

“SHINee” A Korean Idol Jung Hyun died

Mr. Jung Hyun died, a member of Korean male idol group “SHINee (Shiny)” popular in Japan, was found fallen in the apartment in Seoul on the evening of 18th, after which death was confirmed. The police are looking at it as the possibility of suicide is high.

“According to local police, on the afternoon of 18th, there was a report from my sister of John Hyon died, the main vocalist of Korean idol group “Shinee” “I got a cell phone message that hints at suicide from my brother.””

According to the location information of the mobile phone police investigated, it was found at 6 p.m. in the apartment in Seoul that Mr. Jung Hyun was collapsed in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest and transported to the hospital, After that, death was confirmed. I was 27 years old.

In the room where Mr. Jung Hyun was found there is evidence that charcoal was burned, police are looking at it as possibility of suicide is high.

“SHINee” is a group of five people, after debuting in 2008, it gained popularity not only in Korea but also in Asian countries including Japan etc. According to the official website, in next February concert at Tokyo Dome etc. It is scheduled.

According to the Korean media, Mr. Jung Hyun has shot solo concerts in Seoul on 9th and 10th this month, so shock has spread to Korea in sudden death of popular idols.

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