Wednesday, October 20

Sea of ​​Thieves closed beta new trailer

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At the beginning of December, last year’s edition of The Game Awards, we finally got a launch date (and a new fin fin trailer) for Rare’s long-awaited pirate sandy Sea of ​​Thieves.

The game will release on March 20, but before that, a closed beta will be released at the end of this month between January 24 and 29, which you can read more about here.

The hook: Only those who have already reported their interest in Sea of ​​Thieves last year or have pre-booked (or pre-booked) game will gain access. On the other hand, it will be completely free for everyone who participates in the closed bet to share impressions and videos online, so we will probably also lighten anchor through our Youtube channel what it suffers.

In the end, I would also like to reconsider the video that Rare released in mid December, giving the clearest glimpse of Sea of ​​Thieves so far. Freedom and improvisation are always at the center, but for those who want more structure there will be different clients who can be bet in more traditional style.

tests of Sea of ​​Thieves

In tests will be a new version of the game that, according to the production, will not be the total game, but a representative portion of the final product. Good news is that Microsoft has announced that there will be no agreement (NDA) for participants to agree, which means that images and videos of these tests can be made.

If you are enrolled in the Insider program or have pre-ordered the game in the digital version, on the day you start the tests, you will see the Beta file to download to the Xbox store. The test phase will start on January 24th