Wednesday, October 20

Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury launch

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There will be a Galaxy S8 Lite. Appeared under the code name Galaxy Dream Lite, it will be marketed in China under the name of Galaxy S Light Luxury. It takes again the design of the Galaxy S8 but changes all the interior decoration. Presentations.

Since rebuilding its catalog, Samsung has removed several variations of its annual flagship model. Including the declination “Mini” and declination “Lite”, which no longer made sense since their positioning was taken over by the Galaxy A.

Between the S range and the A range

However, there is a gap between the Galaxy A7 (2017) and the Galaxy S8 +, for example. The same also exists with their successors in 2018 (the Galaxy A8 + and Galaxy S9 +). Samsung has seen the opportunity to incorporate a new premium model, but not quite upscale: the Galaxy S Light Luxury, officialized this weekend in China.

We have seen this mobile several times in the uninterrupted stream of leaks about Samsung. This mobile, we have known it under three different names. The first is its serial number: SM-G8750. It is thanks to this serial number that we have learned of its existence. From this serial number, technophile observers have imagined its positioning: a Galaxy S9 Mini.

A Galaxy S8 out …

Then, the mobile was the subject of a certification that tells us more about it. It then appeared under the name Galaxy Dream Lite CN. The Galaxy Dream was the name of the Galaxy S8. So, the SM-G8750 seemed destined to become the Galaxy S8 Lite. This last name is the closest to the truth. Because technically and ergonomically, the Galaxy S Light Luxury is a light version of the Galaxy S8. And it is a mobile destined for China.

It is identical to the features of the flagship 2017 with a 5.8-inch Infinity Display screen curved and rounded. It takes the very approximate positioning of the fingerprint reader on the back, to the right of the photosensor. It takes again the dimensions (with 8 mm of thickness), the materials (mineral glass and aluminum), the waterproofness (IP68) and the battery of 3000 mAh.

It also takes a bit of attention, such as the Samsung Pay sensor, Qi wireless charging, compatibility with Ant + accessories, native Bixby support, FM port and tuner, USB type-C and connectivity (LTE, WiFi ac dual band, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and GPS). The only configuration proposed is also that of the Galaxy S8: 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, expandable.

Side photo, he takes the webcam, an 8-megapixel model with lens opening at f / 1.7 and autofocus. It lacks compatibility with the HDR. But this is only a detail. Other changes are more important. We note two. The first is the main photo block, a model that is more reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 than the Galaxy S8, with a 16-megapixel sensor, a lens opening at ff / 1.7, a phase detection autofocus and an LED flash. No stabilizer here.

A premium chipset, but mid-range

The other change is the chipset. The very good Snapdragon 835 (we are not talking about the Exynos 8895 octa, because it was not proposed in the Chinese version) is replaced by his cousin, the Snapdragon 660. The hearts Kryo 260 of the latter are almost as fast as the Kryo hearts of the Snapdragon 835. But they are less powerful and they are not accompanied by an Adreno 540, but an Adreno 512. However, the Snapdragon 660 is obviously a good chipset for its segment.

The Galaxy S Light Luxury, which comes in red Burgundy and black, will be offered at a price of 4000 yuan (about 530 euros) 620$, which is relatively expensive for a mid-range premium mobile. Indeed, this is the price of Galaxy S9 in China. That’s not going to be easy to justify. It comes with an AKG headset. Like the latest Galaxy Sx.