Tuesday, September 28

Sabika, 17 years old killed in Santa Fe, buried in Pakistan

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Sabika Sheikh, a 17-year-old Pakistani girl killed in Santa Fe where she was on a school exchange, was buried in Karachi on Wednesday. Pakistan’s largest city.

A guard of honor welcomed in the early morning the body of Sabika Sheikh, 17, on her arrival at Karachi airport. Representatives of the provincial government of Sindh, of which Karachi is the capital, were present, as was the American consul in Pakistan, John E. Warner.

His coffin, covered with a Pakistani flag, was taken to the family home, where his relatives had gathered. Hundreds of people then gathered in a public space to pray around the casket and offer their condolences to the family before burial in a nearby cemetery.

“She was expected to return, happy, June 9. Who could predict that she would come back this way?”, Asked his uncle Muhammad Ali, denouncing a “tragic” death.

“My daughter is a martyr and the martyrs do not die,” said his father Abdul Aziz.

“The whole nation is with the young Pakistani”

In school exchange in Texas for ten months, Sabika Sheikh is one of the ten people killed Friday by an armed teenager who opened fire.

“The entire nation stands with the young Pakistani woman who died in a terrorist attack in the United States,” Mohammad Zubair, the governor of Sindh province, told reporters.

Despite the stormy relations between Washington and Islamabad, the United States remains a popular foreign destination for Pakistani students. Thousands of them enroll in American schools each year.

The Santa Fe shootout came just three months after the Portland, Florida shootout, which killed 17 people and spawned an unprecedented movement for arms control.

A “March for Our Lives” had brought together a million people at the end of March across the United States, without political leaders making significant legal provisions.

The Santa Fe shootout is the 22nd to happen in an American school this year, according to US media. Firearms, part of the culture of the United States, kill 30,000 people each year.