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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Royal Wedding

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Prince Harry and ex-American actress Meghan Markle, hand-in-hand and visibly moved, met Saturday in St. George’s Chapel Windsor Castle, under the eyes of the world and the popular jubilation.

Prince Harry, 33, and his 36-year-old wife exchanged greetings and covenants, eyes in the eye and smiling, before being declared married by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the Church Anglican of England. “Greetings for Meghan Markle & Prince Harry”

At the end of the ceremony, which lasted about an hour, they exchanged a kiss on the steps of the chapel decorated with hundreds of flowers before performing a carriage procession through the city, greeting the crowd in jubilation came from the whole world.

“It gave me goosebumps,” said Michelle Hammacott, a 33-year-old Brazilian.

“It was charming. All this pomp and ceremony that only the British can do, “marveled Jo Stevens, a 54-year-old Briton. One regret: the carriage passed “a little fast”.

The children of the Canadian couple Ben and Jessica Mulroney played a leading role in the marriage. They arrived at the ceremony with the bride.

Dressed in a black coat and trousers with a red line, the two boys each wore a corner of Mrs. Markle’s long veil as she climbed the steps of the chapel.

Their four-year-old sister, Ivy, was a flower girl.

Ben and Jessica Mulroney, who are close friends of the bride, were also at the ceremony. They also had places of choice in the chapel; they were very close to the bride and groom.

Ben Mulroney is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Six flower girls and four pages were part of the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Among them were Princess Charlotte and Prince George, the children of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Jessica Mulroney is known for promoting Canadian fashion designers. At the wedding, she wore a blue dress.

“Ready for a drink”

The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex then joined their 600 or so guests at a luncheon hosted by the Queen at the castle. Among them, a host of stars, including British singer Elton John, tennis player Serena Williams, American actor George Clooney and several actors of the American TV series Suits, which revealed the young divorced from the general public.

“I’m ready now for a drink,” said Harry, sixth in line with the British throne, as he arrived.

On the menu, a selection of dishes and canapes with British accents: English asparagus with Cumbrian ham, Scottish scampi or Windsor lamb. The highlight of the reception, during which the bride and groom each had to deliver a speech, was a lemon and elderberry cake, specially designed for the couple by American pastry chef Claire Ptak.

In the absence of her sick father, Meghan Markle walked up the aisle of St George’s Chapel alone, before being joined half-way by her father-in-law, Prince Charles. “You’re amazing,” Prince Harry, dressed in his military uniform, whispered on arrival.

Then the spouses said “yes” each in turn to Queen Elizabeth II and the mother of the bride, yoga teacher Doria Ragland.

His father expressed his pride and regret for not being able to attend the wedding. “My darling is beautiful, she looks very happy,” said Thomas Markle, a septuagenarian who lives in Mexico at the TMZ people information site.

Flaming Sermon

The couple appeared as an accomplice, holding hands tenderly during the fiery sermon of Reverend Michael Curry, the first African American to lead the Anglican Church in the United States.

Sharp with the formal tone of the usual British royal ceremonies, he electrified the atmosphere by extolling the power of love, citing Martin Luther King, the defender of civil liberties, and referring to slavery.

“It’s nice to see something different. His message was charming and he uttered it in a very powerful way … But maybe it was too long for the British public! “, Judge Kristin Glithero, 45, Stetson in the colors of the Union Jack on the head.

Other touches of modernity during the ceremony, Ben E. King’s version of the song Stand By Me has sung by a choir or the anthem of the rugby team of Wales. In the streets of the picturesque city of Windsor, the singing was resumed in chorus by the spectators, waving British flags. They were more than 100,000, according to local authorities.

The secret well kept until the beginning of the wedding ceremony of Meghan Markle, the white dress of the bride, simple and elegant, has been widely commented. “Magnificent”, “Extraordinary!” Exclaimed the crowd as she discovered the boat-neck garment created by Clare Waight for the French fashion house Givenchy.

“It’s retro and she’s beautiful. It’s a timeless dress, “admits 46-year-old Brit Denise Show. Her friend Georgina Williams does not like it. “It could have been better,” but “she has such a beautiful silhouette!”

“I was expecting something more flamboyant, with more glitter, but it was beautiful,” admits Elizabeth Chambers, 65, of Yorkshire.

By dawn, fans had stormed the trains to Windsor when they did not camp there.

The atmosphere was relaxed and cheerful, between picnic tablecloths and prosecco bottles.

Karen Long, a black American from Texas, is delighted that the prince has set his sights on one of his compatriots, Métis additionally.

“We all wanted to be a princess, we thought we could not do it, and here we go! She broke all the barriers, “she said, tiara junk on her head.

“He marries someone who represents modern society,” said 28-year-old Sam Lukes.

The wedding offers a welcome respite for the British, divided by the Brexit, but united around the royal family: parties were organized throughout the country to follow the ceremony.

“It’s really a great opportunity to get together, and we usually do it for royal weddings, but this time it’s different, with the current climate, the Brexit, people are worried, it’s important to take this moment, “says Tom Gavighan, owner of a pub in London.

Five highlights of the royal wedding

The marriage of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle has experienced his moments of emotion or unusual. Here are 5:

She walks alone:

Meghan only entered St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, followed by her children of honor, and ascended the nave, waiting to be near the altar to accept the arm offered by Prince Charles, his son. Stepfather. A decision dictated by the absence of her father, retained by a cardiac operation in Mexico, but also an illustration of her beliefs as an independent woman and feminist.

The preacher:

Reverend Michael Curry’s fiery sermon, cutting with the formal tone of the usual British royal ceremonies, electrified the atmosphere and stunned Prince Harry’s relatives, including his brother, Prince William.

The first African American to lead the US Anglican Church extolled the power of love, citing Martin Luther King, the defender of civil liberties, and referred to slavery, in front of the 600 guests gathered under the vaults of the St. George chapel including Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, a descendant of slaves.

The ex:

Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, two of Harry’s ex-girlfriends, were among the guests. And did not fail to attract the attention of the media who watched on their faces and in their eyes the slightest regret not to be in the place of Meghan.


Among the many celebrities, the American star of the big screen George Clooney has as usual made the show, with a lot of sardonic smiles, not failing to greet a policeman on duty in front of the chapel of a slap on the shoulder.

His pearl-gray spring suit contrasted with the black tail tails of other male guests, including the star of the song Elton John, actors in the Suits series – who introduced Meghan – Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.

Accustomed to missteps, the former football player David Beckham was noted chewing gum.

It’s thirsty, “I’m ready for a drink,” Harry said.

After weeks of preparations, a grueling ceremony for his nerves, a carriage procession in front of more than 100,000 curious in the streets of Windsor, it is not without satisfaction that he returned to Windsor Castle for the lunch offered by the Queen.

As for Meghan, as soon as she crossed the gate of the castle in the carriage pulled by four horses after the tour of the city, she leaned forward with both hands on her chest, seeming to push a sigh of relief.

The royal wedding followed around the world in a party atmosphere

From Sydney to Los Angeles, gathered in front of screens in pubs, theaters or schools, fans followed in a festive atmosphere, sometimes disguised, the majestic wedding Saturday of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.


The whole country followed the fairy-tale wedding, with thousands of people attending English banquets or costumed parties in pubs, hotels or private homes.

“I love the royal family, I love to disguise myself, I love glitter, princesses, fairies. And it’s a fairy tale wedding, so it’s important, “enthuses Claire, 38, in a Sydney pub.

Cinemas broadcast the wedding in the main cities of the mainland island, of which Queen Elizabeth II is head of state.

Crowds braved the cool night to Melbourne’s Federation Square to follow the giant screen weddings.

Four of the country’s five free channels broadcast the wedding followed by millions of people in front of their television.

Hong Kong

Some 200 people gathered in a Graham Sreet pub in the city center of the former British colony, two hours before the ceremony to watch the wedding live.

Dressed for the occasion with evening gowns, tiaras, scepters, plastic crowns and Union Jack, they screamed when members of the royal family appeared on the screen. A man was disguised as Freddie Mercury, singer of the Queen group.

United States

Millions of Americans put their alarm clock before dawn to follow the live broadcast of the news channels from the East Coast to the West Coast.

In Los Angeles, about 60 fans of Meghan Markle gathered in her old school, the Immaculate Heart, some still in pajamas in the middle of the night. The gym sounded with shouts of joy during the exchange of consents broadcast on the giant screen.

In Washington, crowds gathered at special parties, including a bar where fans wore hats and drank tea. while wedding ceremony of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle


In Toronto, 1,500 fans gathered in the Prince of Wales Theater to watch the event together.