Wednesday, October 20

PlayStation 4 gets 5.53 update for better performance

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The PlayStation 4 is often being upgraded by Sony in its quest to fix issues with the console system.

As much as recent rumors are talking about distributing development kits for the upcoming video game, and others claim that the PlayStation 5 may take a while to show up, it does not mean that the company is leaving the current console outdated. This is easily proven since an update is now being distributed globally to it.

The update of the time is 5.53 and even weighing 440 MB, does not bring significant changes, since the last one that brought news was at PlayStation 4 (5.50), and this serves more as polishing for the previous update.

The previous update, 5.50, brought news such as the possibility of using custom wallpapers, where the user can put an image on a pen drive and pass to console and use such a photo as home wallpaper. To do this, the image must be saved in a folder called “IMAGES” inside the pen drive.

Another new feature is the ability of a family member to select how long the child can play video games, making it easier to control the child’s tasks. Note that this control can be done either by the console or by the cell phone or PC accessing the PSN. Finally, there was an improvement in organizing the content on PlayStation 4, through tab adjustments.

Since this is at 5.53, bugs found at 5.50 may have been fixed. As the new update is already globally available, simply drop it normally.