Sunday, June 20

Patriots – Vikings assert their domination

 Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings’ defense had another dominant performance in a 23-10 win against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

Dion Lewis had two touchdowns, including one by the race, and the New England Patriots secured the field advantage in the playoffs with a 26-6 victory over the Jets of New York, Sunday.

The win led the Patriots (13-3) to 13 wins for a seventh year, the second-best performance in NFL history. The San Francisco 49ers are in first place with nine seasons of 13 or more victories. It was Bill Belichick’s 250th regular-season win, the third best performance for an NFL coach, tied with Tom Landry.

The Patriots have had the upper hand against the Jets for a fourth consecutive game and Bill Belichick’s troupe has not lost to the Jets (5-11) at home since 2006. Brady’s 13th win as that this season has placed him on par with Brett Favre for the quarterback with the most victories at age 40 and over.

Lewis finished the regular season in style, scoring 26 carries for a total of 93 yards. Brandin Cooks made 11 catches for 79 yards and one touchdown for New England, who will have one week off in the first round. Rob Gronkowski did not catch a single ball, a first since the start of the campaign.

James Harrison, who joined the team last week after being sidelined by the Pittsburgh Steelers, made two sacks – on two consecutive games late in the game – and finished the game with a total of five plated, in addition to causing a fumble.

The Vikings secure a week off

The Minnesota Vikings’ defense had another dominant performance in a 23-10 win against the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

The Vikings (13-3) have reached the 13-game winning streak for only the second time in their history and will get a week off to kick off the playoffs. They did not allocate an offensive touch to their opponents for a second week in a row.

Running back Latavius ​​Murray rushed for 111 yards and two touchdowns. Stefon Diggs has six assists, including one touchdown, and has collected 65 yards for the Vikings.

Mitchell Trubisky concluded his rookie season without committing a turnaround for the Bears (5-11). He completed 20 of his 36 passes for 178-yard flyovers, but was unable to lead his team into the end zone despite 11 games inside the 10-yard line in the fourth quarter.

Trubisky was also penalized for intentionally throwing the ball while he was in the end zone and being chased by Danielle Hunter and Linval Joseph. This action allowed the Vikings to register a safety touch.

It could be the last game of head coach John Fox. He showed a 14-34 record in three seasons at the helm of the Bears, who claimed a 1-5 record against their three opponents of the North Division of the National Association under the tutelage of Fox.

Titans clinch their ticket for the playoffs

Marcus Mariota threw a touchdown pass and helped the Tennessee Titans end an eight-year hiatus without going on the playoffs by defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 15-10 on Sunday.

The Titans (9-7) ended a three-game losing streak in a match in which they needed a win or several losses for the other teams in the race. They recorded two consecutive winning seasons for the first time since the 2007 and 2008 campaigns.

Mariota made 10 runs for 60-yard gains. He also pitched for 134 yards. Titans forward Derrick Henry grabbed a Mariota pass and made a 66-yard touchdown in the second quarter. Ryan Succop has made three placements.

The Titans made two sacks and caused four turnovers, including two interceptions by Kevin Byard.

The Jaguars (10-6) won their first title in the Southern section of the American Association when the Titans lost to the San Francisco 49ers last week. The Jacksonville squad, however, lost in the last two weeks.

The Jaguars had the opportunity to win after Mariota dropped the ball for the first time this season in the fourth quarter. Henry collided with Mariota and Yannick Ngakoue recovered the object before setting up the field for a touchdown that reduced the Titans’ lead to 15-10.

Byard, however, managed his second interception of the match while he had 10 seconds left to confirm the victory of his troupe.