Sunday, June 20

In Pacific and Australia celebrating New Year 2018

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The future is rising New Year 2018 in the East: the Pacific Islands, Sydney, New Zealand and Australia have given Sunday the kick-off of the global marathon New Year 2018 festivities that will take place again under high security.

Time shift required, SYDNEY was at 13h GMT the first mega city to enter 2018, with 1.5 million people coming to the edge of its iconic bay on a beautiful summer evening, to witness the traditional fireworks.

This year included a rainbow waterfall of pyrotechnic devices fired from the famous Harbor Bridge, to celebrate the legalization in December of the gay marriage after a national consultation that showed widespread support for the population. reform.

“It’s a fabulous way to say goodbye to 2017, when four out of five Sydney residents shouted” yes “to marriage equality,” said Mayor of Australia’s first city, Clover Moore.

To add a touch of glamour, 20 seconds of this show was the work of one of Sydney’s most famous children, the actor Hugh Jackman, who imagined this gold and silver sequence with Fortunato Foti, boss of the company that sets off every year the Bay.

All this with increased security, after the battering car attack in Melbourne last week.

Asia: collective wedding in JAKARTA

The party was to follow the advance of the last night of 2017 in Asia, Africa and Europe, then in America.

The city of HONG KONG has pledged an impressive 10-minute show, scored even before the 12 midnight strokes by appearances of “shooting stars” drawn from the skyscrapers overlooking Victoria Harbor.

In JAKARTA, half a thousand couples will say “yes” in a gigantic collective wedding organized by the government.

DUBAI has replaced its traditional fireworks with a laser show on Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world (828 meters).

Europe: celebrations and security

The main boulevards and squares of MOSCOW have been decorated to welcome 2018 and a fireworks display will illuminate 36 buildings of the Russian capital.

In PARIS, hundreds of thousands of people are expected for a sound and light show on the Arc Triumph followed by a fireworks display.

Nearly 140,000 members of the security and relief forces are mobilized throughout France for these celebrations, which take place in a “context of persistent terrorist threat,” according to the authorities.

In Germany, for the first time this year, the organizers of the big New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin have planned special locations for medical care in Red Cross medical tents.

In Romania, in Vatra Dornei (north), dancers come to participate in a traditional festival, wearing bear skins.

Tragic memory in ISTANBUL

Security still in Turkey, which remains haunted by the memory of the tragic New Year 2017, when a man armed with an assault rifle burst into the most famous nightclub in Istanbul, the Reina, killing 39 people and injuring 79 .

The Turkish authorities have also banned for safe gatherings on the iconic Taksim Square in Istanbul and other lively areas.

America: freezing in NEW YORK, in white at RIO

The police presence will also be strengthened in New York for the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square, a tourist spot near which an attack was committed three weeks ago.

Two million people are still expected Sunday in the famous district, by an unusual cold temperature of -10 ° C.

Further south, in Brazil, it is on the beach of Copacabana that the mayor hopes a record audience of three million people, most dressed all in white, as tradition dictates.

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