Thursday, December 2

Microsoft will decline the new Xbox Series X in mini version

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Video game enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting November to try out the new Xbox Series X console . They will actually have to wait not for one but for two formats. Microsoft announced Tuesday that it was preparing to release the Xbox S, a small version of its new line of consoles, in two months, priced at $300.

A busy fall

The new item will officially release on November 10 and is designed for games as software and services hosted online, instead of being stored on the device, according to a promotional video for the brand. The fall promises to be busy for Microsoft’s video games branch, with the launch of a games service via the cloud, xCloud.

The end of the year will be synonymous with a trade war between the main console manufacturers. The price of the Xbox Series X has not yet been announced, but the US media are talking about a $ 500 marketing from November. Sony for its part is due to release the PlayStation 5 around the same time. Microsoft is hoping to get revenge on its competitor, which has sold twice as many PlayStation 4s as it has sold Xboxes in recent years.