Thursday, December 2

LG Q7 passes certification from FCC

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Recently, we have shown that a likely LG Q7 has passed certification in a Russian regulatory agency. This information was released soon after a supposed photo of the device appeared on the web showing a full vision screen and some visual characteristics of it.

Now, as the number of rumors and leaks increases, the new LG Q7 has passed certification in the FCC, a United States body similar to our Anatel. According to what was revealed, the device received its registration in the month of March.

However, despite having its certification sheet released on the web, the document does not present any information on its technical specifications. The only thing you can know is that the Q7 numbering will be “LG Q710“. Check the document:

New Q7

As we know, LG has already stated that the new Q7 will feature a screen with 18: 9 ratio, as well as the previous model. However, the company has not officially manifested itself over possible release dates of the device on the market.

In this way, we must wait for LG to officially pronounce on the matter. It is worth remembering that the South Korean company is preparing to launch the LG G7 ThinQ on May 2. With that, let’s hope the company releases more leads on Q7 there.