Sunday, June 20

At least 95 dead in an explosion in Kabul

Jamuriate Hospital, Explosion in Kabul, Chicken Street

At least 95 people were killed and 158 wounded in the car bomb attack Saturday an explosion in Kabul, according to a new report released by the Afghan Ministry of Health.

“The death toll now stands at 95 dead and 158 wounded,” spokesman Waheed Majroh told media five hours after the attack claimed by the Taliban.

“This is a massacre”, responded on Twitter Dejan Panic, the coordinator of Emergency, accompanying his message of photos on which we can see the many victims lying in the corridors, under the grounds and on the lawns of the establishment managed by this Italian NGO.

According to the Interior Ministry, “four suspects were arrested in the investigation” on this attack, the deadliest since the explosion of a truck bomb in the diplomatic zone on May 31 (150 dead, 400 wounded).

Overflowed, hospitals refer patients from one institution to another. That of Emergency, which announces treating 163 wounded, is forced to install them on mattresses on the floor.

It was not known at the time if these wounded were added to those identified by the ministry.

The attack was claimed by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on WhatsApp: “A martyr blew up his car bomb near the Ministry of the Interior where there were large police forces,” he said.

“The suicide bomber used an ambulance to pass the roadblocks,” said Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. “The ambulance was parked in the parking lot of Jamuriate Hospital; she wanted to cross the roadblocks to advance to the Ministry of the Interior, the High Council for Peace, but the suicide bomber was spotted by the police and blew himself up before reaching his targets. ”

Suspicions of the government are focused on the Haqqani terrorist network, close to the Taliban and installed on the Pakistani border, he added.

The explosion, of very strong intensity, literally shook the capital. The buildings of “Chicken Street“, the street of the nearby antique shops, saw their windows shattered like those of all neighborhoods several hundred meters away.

A photographer who immediately went to the scene was able to see a large number of bodies of bloodied victims, “dead and wounded”, on the sidewalks, which residents helped to evacuate.

Very many victims, men, women, children, transported to the Jamuriate hospital, were treated in the submerged corridors, he observed.

“I saw pools of blood,” confirmed a witness who had fainted under the power of the breath, amid the debris strewing the roadway.

Emergency, specializing in war surgery, said it could accommodate more patients in its facility than the 163 already treated.

“At Jamuriate Hospital, we were told that it was full of dead and wounded, they sent us back to Emergency. But here too they are overwhelmed, they have no place. They are asking people who are not in danger of death to find another hospital, “Ariana News told a television interviewer who was bringing his injured brother and lost his baker friend.

Threat of collapse

The panic was total. A building next to the jamuriate hospital, a few stories high and cracked, threatened to collapse, according to the photographer, and the doctors asked the civilians to help evacuate the wounded who might be buried.

The attack took place in front of one of the roadblocks protecting access to an avenue that leads to several institutions: the offices of the Ministry of the Interior, the police headquarters, the European Union delegation and the Malalai girls’ high school.

The High Council of Peace, in charge of the negotiations – blocked – with the Taliban, considered to have been the privileged target. “They targeted our dam. It was huge, all our windows are blown, “said one of its members, Hassina Safi, to media.

The members of the European delegation were quickly put in safety in their secure room, said one of them to media.

The scenario of the ambulance is one of the most feared. However, journalist who had been passing through the street an hour earlier had noticed that the ambulances heading for Jamuriate Hospital were systematically stopped at checkpoints and checked one by one, “the driver waiting nearby”.

The level of alert is extreme at this moment in Kabul, especially in the center and the diplomatic district where most embassies and foreign institutions have been placed in “lock down” (banned outings).

The attack is the third to hit Afghanistan in a week after Saturday’s attack on the Taliban-claimed Kabul Intercontinental Hotel, and Wednesday’s Save the Children in Jalalabad, claimed by the group. Islamic State.