Wednesday, May 12

The first Australian’s submarine was found after 103 years

HMAS AE1 submarine, Allied submarine, islands of Duke of York

It took 103 years to find the wreckage of the first Australian’s submarine that disappeared off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 1914.

The death of the HMAS AE1 submarine was the first loss of the Allied submarine for the anti-German coalition in the First World War. On its board were 35 people – British and Australian sailors.

A total of 13 expeditions were sent for her searches, but only the last managed to find her near the islands of Duke of York.

This find solved the oldest naval secret of Australia, the Ministry of Defense called it the most important find in the history of the country’s navy.

The expedition used to search for an underwater drone, which studied the seabed, moving in the water column about 40 meters above it.

The debris was found at a depth of 300 meters.

first Australian’s submarine

The search group held a small memorial service for those killed aboard the submarine.

The Australian Government reported that it will try to track down the descendants of the crew and contact them. It intends, together with the authorities of Papua New Guinea, to take measures to perpetuate this tragic event that occurred more than 100 years ago.

“I believe that this will help to feel the peace of mind of the families and descendants of the crew who gave their lives, perhaps in time we will find out why the submarine sank,” said Australian Defense Minister Maris Payne.

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