Sunday, June 20

Famous Singer France Gall dies at the age of 70

Singer France Gall, France Gall died,

The singer France Gall, doll of wax, doll of her who was also a Crystal in the Star mania of her husband, died Sunday at the age of 70 years.

She died of cancer, after being hospitalized December 27 for a “severe infection.”

France Gall, born Isabelle Gall, was born in Paris on October 9, 1947 in a family that already fueled music. His father, Robert Gall, was lyricist for Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour (he is the father of Mamma ).

France Gall begins to sing as a teenager, encouraged by her father, who puts her in touch with music publisher Denis Bourgeois.

According to a biography written by Pierre Pernez, the relatives of the young singer chose to find him an artist name, because there was already a French star, Isabelle Aubret, who bore his name. Reluctantly, the teenager adopts her new name, France, and records her first record in 1963, at the age of 16.

The following year, the career of France Gall takes off for good with the great success Sacre Charlemagne – song written by her father that she, by her own admission, hated. The singer with the childish voice launches a little later Loses the girls, a title signed Serge Gainsbourg, who begins to collaborate with her.

Gainsbourg will also offer him Doll of Wax, doll of his , which will make him win the Grand Prix of Eurovision in 1965. This happy episode will leave him a bitter taste, because during the same evening, it will be dropped by the singer Claude Francis.

“I did not experience it as a victory, because I had heart problems at that time that took my head, so I do not have an extraordinary memory of it,” he said. she entrusted to the media during a big interview in 2015.

Gainsbourg will also write to him the famous song Les Sucettes – a text with sexual connotation whose interpreter had not immediately grasped the double meaning. “It was horrible, it changed my relationship to boys … big pig!”, She said laughing at the same interview. “I did not want to Serge. I wanted the whole world, “she said on a program of Canal + in 2012.