Saturday, July 24

The famous Chef Zubaida Apa has died

Zubaida Tariq died

The Pakistan’s famous chef and specialist in cooking Zubaida Tariq has died in Karachi at the age of 72. the Famous name in the country as Zubaida Apa.

Zulfiqar Tariq’s brother and writer Anwar Maqsud has confirmed the death of Zubaida Tariq while talking to the local media.

Zubaida Tariq’s born in Hyderabad on April 4, 1945 and his family moved to Karachi after establishment.

He belonged to Pakistan’s literary and artistic family. He played the famous Urdu writer Fatima Surya and was well known as sister of Anwar Maqsood

Zubaida Tariq was also known as name Zubaida Appa, and she had been a part of TV shows related to cooking and housewife, while there were many books related to her.

According to the family sources of Zubaida Tariq, he had recently been relieved and his demeanour was due to closure of heart.

Their prayer funeral will be played Friday in the Sultan Masjid Defence in Karachi.

On the news of the death of Zubaida Tariq many consumers are expressing regret over social media.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said in his Twitter message on the death of Zubaida Tariq that he has got a serious shock from the famous Chef, Zubaida’s death. She was a domestic name, and thanked her ability to cook.