Wednesday, May 12

Coronavirus: 200 dead in Italy and almost 6000 cases registered

Rome: Italy has registered 36 new coronavirus related deaths in 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 233, while the number of cases has risen to 5,883 (+1,247), according to the official balance sheet published on Saturday.

The hardest hit country in Europe, Italy has carried out 42,062 tests since the start of the epidemic. Most of the positive cases are concentrated in the north: in Lombardy (region of Milan, 3420 cases), in Emilia-Romagna (region of Bologna, 1010) and in Veneto (region of Venice, 543).

“We are having difficulties with the beds available in hospitals in Lombardy,” said the head of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli during his daily press conference accompanying the presentation of the report.

“Lombardy is facing a tense situation in its hospitals, we expect that we will be asked to transfer patients to intensive care services from other regions. We have beds available in other regions to help Lombardy, ”he said.

He also spoke on the “red zone”, where eleven municipalities in the north have been in quarantine for almost two weeks with 50,000 inhabitants: “The technical-scientific committee is currently analyzing information and data, and tomorrow (Sunday) we will know the fate of the red zones ”.

While the incubation time for the new coronavirus is estimated to be around 14 days, the government must decide whether or not to extend quarantine in this area. He is studying the creation of new red zones, particularly in Lombardy.

Of 5883, 589 are cured and 5061 are currently positive: 2651 are hospitalized, 567 in intensive care and 1843 in isolation at home.

The 21 Italian regions are all affected, but most of the cases are concentrated in the north.

The Italian government has adopted a series of draconian measures to stem the epidemic, including the closure of schools and universities until mid-March, in order to avoid overheating in hospitals on the peninsula.

Patient 1 of the Italian epidemic was identified on February 20 in Codogno, 60 km south of Milan. This 38-year-old man, still hospitalized in intensive care and in a serious condition, involuntarily contaminated his now healed pregnant wife, but also doctors and patients who in turn infected those around them. Doctors consider that all Italian patients are connected to patient 1.