Wednesday, October 20

Cinema: 5 good reasons to go see Black Panther!

black panther, throne of wakanda, kendrick lamar, james bond

Today, the latest installment of the Marvel team: Black Panther. But what is it really ..?

Today is the last “baby” of the Marvel industry! After seeing the posters all over the subway and hearing about it, it’s finally the big day. If you are still hesitating to see this movie at the cinema tonight, here are 5 good reasons to run:

1) It’s the return of T’Challa

The audience was able to see it for the first time in the movie Captain America: Civil War. It is now in Black Panther that the main character, T’Challa, returns home to take his place on the throne of Wakanda, a technologically advanced Central African nation.

2) The director is an African-American

The film was directed by the talented Ryan Coogler, himself an African-American, who knows the hardships experienced by black Americans. ” Someone else could have done it, but it would not have been the same movie. Black Panther opens a gap for blacks in the Hollywood industry. Says Chadwick Boseman.

3) The soundtrack is made by Kendrick Lamar

To give rhythm and intensity to this film, Kendrick Lamar himself made the songs. What to give power and style to the film!

4) A tribute to James Bond and the Lord of the Rings

This film tells the adventure of the Marvel T’Challa who comes to take the throne of Wakanda. This film is an initiatory narrative that traces the family fresco when the hero must protect his clan and assume a hidden heir. The legacy aspect makes us think of the film ” The Ring Community ” when Frodon inherits the year, but there is also a bit of James Bond in the way of solving the problems.

5) A committed film

Beyond the light and unserious aspect of the film that remains in the tradition of the Marvel, the latter refers to a political issue: the responsibility of nations in helping refugees. Although the film will not provide an answer or solution to the leaders of our countries, it helps us to understand the situation of political refugees.