Sunday, June 20

Chinese New Year: What is the sign for this year?

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Tomorrow will be the Chinese New Year, and as every year, a new sign will be in the spotlight and bring good news and bad news. While we reserve this new year?

For those who do not know yet, the Chinese New Year is never the same date as us and changes every year. Indeed, the Chinese are based on a lunar calendar, which means that the new year begins during the second new moon since the winter solstice. The Chinese do not have the same signs as us according to our month of birth but they are based on the year of birth which is associated with an animal which represents the sign and with an element which specifies it.

And this year it will be …

The year 2018 will be under the sign of the Dog of Earth! This sign is known to be faithful, honest, thoughtful but also pessimistic and very anxious. Chinese predictions indicate that this year will be positive in all areas and will bring joy but also frustration and very exhausting. People with this sign must be born in the following years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and 2030! So if you were born during one of these years, be ready to live a fateful year for you!

The lunar new year is also called the Spring Festival, because it falls on the spring of the lunar calendar. Chinese New Year is not fixed on the Gregorian calendar, usually in January or February. Each new year and year of birth have designated twelve animals, namely rats, cattle, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs and pigs. The annual Lunar New Year is the most important festival for Chinese in the world. This heritage or more than a thousand years of traditional festivals, carrying the entrenched Chinese culture.
Prepare duck and dim sum, tomorrow we all put in the colors of China!

And you, what is your sign and your Chinese element?