Wednesday, October 20

In Britain KFC restaurants are closed due to chicken meat

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Part of the fast food cafe Britain KFC restaurants temporarily stopped working because of the lack of chicken meat, which forms the main part of the KFC menu.

Restaurants closed in parts of London, Bristol, Wales, Cheshire, Devon, Suffolk, Berkshire and several other parts of Britain.

In Britain, there are about 900 KFC restaurants, about 80% of them are the franchise. Now only 279 of them continue to work.

“Difficulties of growth” Britain KFC restaurants

The deficit of chicken in KFC is explained by problems with delivery. Last week, the company changed the counterparty – now the chicken meat is delivered to the restaurants of the British network by the logistics company DHL. The problems began precisely after the change of the supplier, they admit in Britain KFC restaurants.

“The chicken crossed the road, but did not go to our restaurant,” – said in a statement of the company in “Twitter.”

“We recently started working with a new shipping partner, but they had some difficulty growing – delivering chicken to 900 restaurants across Britain is quite difficult!” – they say in KFC.

DHL also apologized and assured that they are working to improve the situation.

Deficiency of chicken meat in KFC caused a resonance in social networks.

“Britain KFC restaurants have run out of chicken, which is how the apocalypse begins,” Jonathan Evans wrote on Twitter.

“KFC without a chicken?! What next!” – writes the British user of “Twitter”, which receives the answer: “Now you will become more healthy!”