Wednesday, October 20

Bollywood Actor Irfan Khan died in Mumbai

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Bollywood actor Irfan Khan has passed away. Due to deteriorating health on Tuesday, he was admitted to the ICU of Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai.

One of his spokesmen has said, “I am sure I have lost – actor Irfan Khan wrote this heartbreaking thing in his note in 2018. When he was fighting cancer disease. And today this sad news We are giving that they do not live among us.”

“Irfan was a strong-willed man who fought to the end. He always inspired those who came close to him. He faced the challenges he faced and maintained his life since he was diagnosed with abnormal cancer in 2018. He has left Jannat to leave his family, whom he has always loved very much. He has found a lot of love for his family. We all pray for the peace of his soul.”

On Tuesday, Irfan Khan was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital due to colon infection.

Last year (2019), Irfan Khan returned from London after getting treatment and after returning he was undergoing treatment and routine checkup under the supervision of the doctors of Kokilaben Hospital.

It is said that his health deteriorated even during the film ‘English Medium’.

In such a situation, the entire unit had to stop the shoot and when Irfan felt better, the shot was taken again. Recently Irfan Khan’s mother Saeeda Begum died in Jaipur.

Irfan could not attend his mother’s last visit due to the lockdown.

It is reported that he attended the mother’s funeral through video calls.

Irfan, 54, suffers from a neuroendocrine tumor. He was undergoing treatment for this disease abroad and has recently returned to Mumbai.

Irfan was diagnosed with his illness two years ago in March 2018. Irfan himself shared this news with his loved ones.

He tweeted, “Something suddenly happens in my life that takes you forward. The last few days of my life have been like this. I have a disease called neuroendocrine tumor. But, the love of the people around me and Strength has given me hope. ”

Irfan Khan went to London for treatment as soon as he came to know about the illness. Irfan stayed there for about a year and then returned to India in March 2019.