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Apple: Slowing work of older iPhone

older iPhones

The American company Apple admitted that it deliberately slows down the work of the older iPhone. The company claims that it does this to extend the life of smartphones.

As the company explained, the batteries of iPhones lose their efficiency with time.

“We strive to provide our users with the best features, which includes improving overall performance and extending the life of the devices.” Lithium batteries eventually become too weak to support the smartphone’s active work in the cold and at low charge, “Apple said.

The problem leads to the fact that as a protective measure the gadget decides to disconnect at all.

Suspicions that Apple slows down the old models of its smartphones, there were earlier, when users began to share their versions on this account. This week, Primate Labs released data, from which it follows that the performance of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models is actually declining over time.

older iPhone

IT giant confirmed fears of the public, however, some did not see this gesture of noble behavior.

“It should be more honest,” – says the act of Apple, Chris Green, a member of Bright Bee, a technology consultant.

“If you want to reduce the efficiency of iPhones over time, you need to notify the users in advance and explain why it is necessary for people to see why it is done for their own good,” – Greene notes.

There is an opinion that, while slowing the work of older iPhones, Apple encourages users to purchase new models. However, the problem should disappear if you replace the battery in the old gadget with a new one.

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