Wednesday, May 12

Almost 200 civilians killed in Syrian Bombing

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In Syrian Bombing, Nearly 200 civilians, including nearly 60 children, have been killed since Sunday by violent shelling of the Syrian regime in the rebel stronghold of Ghouta near Damascus, despite calls by the UN to put an end to this “senseless suffering”.

The toll of this bloody campaign, a prelude to a land attack against the last fief of opponents of President Bashar al-Assad near the capital, is 17 dead Sunday, 127 dead Monday and 50 died Tuesday, according to the Syrian Observatory of Rights of Man (OSDH).

Unicef on Tuesday expressed anger with a statement in one sentence: “No word will do justice to the children killed, their mothers, their fathers, and those who are dear to them.”

The Syrian opposition in exile has denounced “a war of extermination” and “international silence” against the “crimes” of the Assad power in the war that has ravaged Syria for nearly seven years.

Monday was “one of the worst days in the history of the current crisis,” a Ghouta doctor who identified himself as Abu al-Yousr told media.

The shelling on civilians “must stop now,” said the UN coordinator for humanitarian aid in Syria, Panos Moumtzis, on Monday night, sounding the alarm for some 400,000 people in the country. trap in the Ghouta.

But Tuesday the strikes continue and many families terrorized gathered in basements and cellars, testified news agency correspondent.

Hospitals overwhelmed

Hundreds of injured people are flocking to makeshift hospitals in the area that is overwhelmed, media correspondents said. The beds are lacking and for lack of space, the wounded are treated on the floor while the operating rooms are running at full speed.

“We had a one-year-old child, his body was all blue, his heart was barely beating. As I opened her mouth to introduce a breathing tube, I discovered that it was filled with sand. He had been evacuated from under the rubble, “says doctor Abu Al-Yousr to media.

“Then I quickly cleared the sand from his mouth but it had reached the lungs. Then we cleaned them up, and he started to breathe again, “the doctor said excitedly after rescuing the child.

“This is one of the hundreds,” he continues.

“A seven-month-old pregnant woman, suffering from severe cerebral hemorrhage, was transported to Hammuriyé hospital. She ended up succumbing to her injuries, while we failed to save the fetus, “he laments.

Large Scale Offensive

The Syrian daily Al-Watan, which is close to the Assad regime, said on Tuesday that the air strikes targeting the Ghouta “are a prelude to the massive (land) operation, which can begin at any time.”

On February 5, the army unleashed an unprecedented five-day air campaign on the Ghouta, killing some 250 civilians and injuring hundreds. She has since massed reinforcements all around this former agricultural area that she has been besieging since 2013.

Ghouta Damascus

The regime wants to take back the Ghouta to put an end to the shooting, sometimes deadly, of rockets of the rebels on Damascus. On Tuesday, four civilians died in rebel bombings in the capital, according to official media reports.

In its statement, the opposition coalition accused Russia, an ally of the regime, of seeking “to bury the political process” for a solution to the conflict that has made since March 15, 2011, more than 340 000 deaths.

Since the summer of 2017, Eastern Ghouta is supposed to be one of the “de-escalation zones” created under an agreement between Russia and Iran, the main supporters of the regime, and Turkey, which supports the opposition. These areas were supposed to lead to a reduction in fighting, but the violence intensified against this insurgent stronghold.

After opposing the rebels to the regime, the war in Syria became more complex with the involvement of jihadist groups and regional and international powers.

On Tuesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Turkish forces would soon be besieging the city of Afrine, the capital of a region in northwest Syria where Ankara has been conducting an offensive for two months to dislodge a Syrian Kurdish military. protection of the people, which she considers “terrorist”.

This offensive has tended the relations with the United States whose YPG is one of the main allies in the fight against the jihadists of the Islamic State group in Syria.