Wednesday, May 12

Alaska earthquake: tsunami warning is lifted

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A powerful 7.9 magnitude Alaska earthquake was recorded Tuesday off the south coast of Alaska, triggering tsunami warnings and vigilance in the middle of the night on a long stretch of the west coast of Canada and the US, finally lifted by the authorities.

A tsunami warning, the lowest level of warning, “remains in effect” for southern Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula but “there is no tsunami warning for the rest of the Pacific coast of North America, “writes the US Tsunami Monitoring Center at 6:40 am on its website about Alaska earthquake.

“A tsunami was caused” by the Alaska earthquake but its height, above the tide level, on the concerned coasts did not finally exceed 30 centimeters.

The earthquake occurred at 9:31 GMT ten kilometers deep in the Gulf of Alaska, 280 km southeast of Kodiak City, according to the American Seismological Service (USGS), which revised down the magnitude of the earthquake after initially estimating it at 8.2.

In Alaska, the authorities called on the inhabitants of the coastal areas to move away from the sea immediately and to reach the heights, warning that a tsunami could break even several hours after the earthquake.

The earthquake was felt on the coast of Alaska for hundreds of miles around. “It happened very slowly and it was very long, scary more than anything else,” said CNN Heather Rane, a resident of the city of Anchorage, 580 km north of the earthquake epicenter. “Definitely the longest I remember, and I was born here”.

In 1964, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake near Prince William Sound in Alaska, followed by a tsunami, killed 125 people.