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7 Royal Family’s Bride made a career before marriage

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The wedding of the Monaco Princess became one of the most striking events in the history of the principality

While the world is eagerly awaiting the wedding of British prince Harry and his American bride Megan Markle, the princes of princes from different countries who before the marriage took place professionally.

In July 2011, the famous heartthrob Prince Albert of Monaco took his wife to a South African swimmer, a teacher and instructor Charlene Whittstock. In 2000, she represented her country at the Olympics in Sydney.

The wedding was a colossal media event: only in France the live broadcast of the celebration was watched by more than 7 million people. In addition to fireworks, on the night of July 1 to 2, residents of the principality witnessed a laser show with Jean-Michel Jarre over the water.

Princess Charlene was dressed in a long silk dress from Giorgio Armani, which became the same classic as her late mother-in-law’s wedding dress, Grace Kelly.

Charlene left her career in sports even before her marriage, and then actively engaged in charity. Now the couple is raising two twin kids.


In June 2015, the marriage was combined Swedish crown prince Karl Philip and reality star, model, yoga instructor and former waitress Sofia Hellkvist. Prior to her marriage, Sofia also managed to found a charitable organisation that helps children from poor families in South Africa.

The date of the wedding was set for the year ahead, while the royal palace communique indicated that celebrations were scheduled for June, as Sweden at this time of year is incredibly beautiful.

Royal Familes
Carl Philipp and Sofia Hellkvist on the wedding day literally shone with happiness

On the bride on a festive day was a dress from her compatriot Ida Schostedtv in three shades of white silk and organza.
After the announcement of the wedding of the gun at the royal palace Drottningholm gave 21 volleys.


June is an extremely popular month for marriages of august personalities: for example, Crown Prince of the Japanese Imperial House Naruhito and diplomat Masako Owada chose the same month for the wedding in 1993.
For the ceremony, they dressed in traditional Japanese clothes.

Japanese Royal Family
Japanese prince and his bride Masako on wedding day

The future princess grew up in a family of diplomats and lived with her parents in Moscow together.
According to some reports, the princess speaks Russian well.

Before the wedding, she was in the diplomatic service and worked during the state visits of US and Russian presidents – Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, respectively.

After the wedding, she had to give up her career, which, as her husband, Naruhito later said, could have triggered a prolonged depression.


The wedding of Bhutan King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and his bride Jetsun Pema, who studied diplomacy and psychology in London, was an event of national importance in October 2011.

Both the bride and groom were dressed in traditional Buddhist attire.

Butane Royal Family
yellow color, so important in Buddhism, dominated the wedding attire of the king and his bride

At the request of the king, very popular in the social networks of East Asia, they kissed the public with the bride, which surprised the conservative inhabitants of the kingdom.

Jigme also insisted that his marriage would be monogamous – unlike his father and his predecessors in the male line.
Unlike the wife of the Japanese prince, consort queen Bhutan soon became the Ambassador of UNEP for the protection of the ozone layer of the Earth and is actively engaged in charity.


Jordan Royal Family
Zane carried the flag of Jordan at the Games in Beijing in 2008

One of the Jordanian princes, Hassan, took his wife’s champion of table tennis country Zeyna Shaban. It was she who carried the flag of Jordan at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At their wedding in Amman in July 2011, the low prince was dressed in an army uniform, and Zeyna, whose height was 174 centimeters, was wearing a long white dress.


The hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg Guillaume was married to a Belgian native, philologist and violinist Stephanie d. Lannoy in October 2012.

Especially for the future wife of the heir to the throne, the Luxembourg parliament passed a law on simplified citizenship.

Luxembourg Royal Family
Stefania was born in the family of the Belgian Count d. Lannoy, and the citizenship of Luxembourg was received shortly before the wedding

The bride studied in Moscow Russian language and literature and subsequently defended at the University of Berlin a diploma about comparing romanticism in Germany and Russia. Before the marriage, she also worked in an investment firm.


In July 2002, Mohammed VI and Salma Bennani were married, later known as Lalla Salma. The 24-year-old bride at that time had the specialty of an information system engineer and a bachelor of science degree.

Salma is the first wife of the monarch of Morocco, who wears the title of princess. But she will not become a queen: the patriarchal traditions in Morocco are strict towards women. Previously, wives of heads of state were called only “the mother of the children of the king,” and their subjects did not know them.

Princess Salma
Princess Salma conducts an excursion to the wife of the President of France on the Museum of Modern Art in Rabat

In addition, the public activity and charity work of the wife of Mohammed VI, who has been ruling since 1999, is often perceived in society as a free expression.

Previously, the Moroccan courtyard was one of the most closed in the world, and today some residents of the country dye their hair in a red color and consider the Salma princess to be an example for imitation.