Wednesday, May 12

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred Honduras

Honduras, 7.6 earthquake Honduras, Caribbean Sea

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake occurred Tuesday night in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras, announced the USGS Geophysical Institute, and a tsunami warning was triggered.

The earthquake occurred at 21:54 Wednesday and 10 kilometers deep. “Dangerous tsunami waves are possible within 1000 kilometers of the epicenter of the earthquake,” said the US Tsunami Warning Center.

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Honduran officials said a shock was felt in much of Central America and that cracks were forming in homes in some parts of the country.

The tsunami warning centers first issued warnings asking residents of Puerto Rico, other Caribbean islands and the Central American coast to be aware of the tsunami risk. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center later reported that the notices were canceled.

The United States Geological Survey measured the earthquake at a preliminary magnitude of 7.6. The quake struck at sea Tuesday night approximately 202 kilometers north-northeast of Barra Patuca, Honduras, and 303 kilometers southwest of George Town, Cayman Islands. The tremor occurred about 10 kilometers deep.

The northern coast of Honduras, closest to the epicenter of the earthquake, is sparsely populated and largely covered by nature reserves. The quake occurred about 44 kilometers from the Honduran Swan Islands, which are unpopulated, with the exception of a small naval post.

Honduran President Juan Orlando has tried to reassure the population. He wrote on his Twitter account that the government has “triggered the emergency system” and encourages his fellow citizens to “stay calm and report emergencies.”

In the Cayman Islands, Sergeant Dave McKay of the Cayman Islands Royal Police told the Associated Press that risk management officials have not issued a tsunami warning, but that the authorities are monitoring the situation. situation.

Hector Pesquera, Puerto Rico’s Public Security Secretary, said the authorities are monitoring the coastlines of 46 US municipalities and that the police are patrolling certain areas.

“It’s important that people do not go out and stay out of the water,” he said, adding that the strong currents could be felt until dawn on Wednesday.

He added that evacuations are not planned.