Saturday, May 30

Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino fire 3 dead and 23 injured

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Three people are dead, two are missing and 23 were wounded Sunday in Manila in the spectacular fire of a luxury Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel & Casino fire, according to the authorities.

Nine hours after the disaster began, heavy black smoke continued to envelop the Waterfront Manila Pavilion hotel-casino. Hundreds of people were evacuated, many by helicopter from the skyscraper’s roof.

According to firefighters, fire, of unknown cause, seems to have started in the casino of the property at 21st floor.

Three people perished, presumably by suffocation, and a fourth, initially given for dead by the rescuers, was finally resuscitated at the hospital.

“The smoke is very thick and the wind is strong. These are our two main enemies, the smoke, and the wind, and our firefighters are having a tough time, “Johnny Yu, chief of the city’s emergency services, told reporters.