Saturday, April 17

Verne Troyer died who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers

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Verne Troyer, the small American actor who played Mini-Me in the spooky comedy series Austin Powers, died Saturday at the age of 49, apparently of suicide.

“It is with great sadness and unbelievably heavy heart that we write that Verne passed away today,” have published his loved ones on his official Instagram account, paying homage to an “extremely benevolent” man, who “wanted to make smile and laugh everyone “and” help his best “.

“Depression and suicide are very serious problems. You never know which battle leads someone to himself. Be kind to each other.” “And always know it’s never too late to help someone.”

Troyer had been hospitalized recently for an unknown reason. A year ago, he had undergone a previous hospitalization and talked about his problems with alcohol.

The dwarf actor, who was 81 cm tall – he was one of the world’s smallest men – had gained worldwide notoriety when he interpreted the acolyte, “cloned on a scale of 1/8”, and just as bald that he, from the evil Dr. Evil, opposed to Austin Powers.

This bouncy dwarf character first appeared in 1999 in Austin Powers 2, then returned to service in 2002. In his silver glitter suit, “Mini-Me” was able to deliver Homeric wrestling battles, multiplying pirouettes and the absurd gags that helped make it the cult.

A goblin in Harry Potter

In addition to this important role, Verne Troyer had also shot in Men in Black or in the first Harry Potter, where he interpreted, under an impressive make-up, the Gripsec goblin.

In 2009, he also participated in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother alongside the rapper and actor Coolio and the singer and actress L. Toya Jackson, older sister of Michael.

The actor had come to the movies in 1993, at the age of 24 years: then an employee of a telecommunications company, he had responded to an ad to shoot in the comedy Baby part mop, whose producers were looking for a comedian of small size … to embody, for cascades, the lining of a baby!

For comedian Mike Myers, who played the dual role of failed spy Austin Powers and grotesque villain Dr. Evil, Verne Troyer was an “accomplished professional” and a “beacon of positivity” for those of us who had the honor to work with him “. “It’s a sad day, but I hope it’s now in a better place. We will miss him a lot, “concluded the actor.

Verne Troyer, who resided in Los Angeles, was involved in charity work for the deaf and hard of hearing through a foundation providing hearing aids to the low-income deaf.

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin, who was honored in 1987 for her role in The Children of Silence, paid tribute to her for her commitment, and for her “adorable smile, with a big benevolent heart”.