Saturday, May 30

In Syria, Russian An-26 transport plane crashed, 32 peoples killed

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The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that the Russian An-26 transport plane crashed in Syria, 32 people were killed.

As they said in the department, the plane did not reach the runway about 500 meters and collided with the ground. The Ministry of Defense, referring to the report from the site, asserts that according to the AN-26 “there was no fire” – that is, it was not shot down.

On board, the aircraft were 26 passengers and six crew members.

The Ministry will create a commission that will study all possible versions of the disaster. According to preliminary information, the aircraft could be damaged due to a technical malfunction.

The last major incident with Russian aviation in Syria occurred on February 3. Then, in the province of Idlib, the Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian air force was shot down. The pilot who piloted him died.

In terms of the number of victims, today’s crash of the military An-26 has become the largest since the Tu-154 crash of the Defense Ministry in Sochi. Then in the plane that was going to Syria, there were 92 people – including the artists of the ensemble of song and dance named after Alexandrov.

Russian An-26 is a military transport aircraft, which is intended for the transport of military equipment and troops.

This is not the first tragedy involving a Russian military transport plane heading towards Hmeimim. In December 2016, a Tupolev Tu-154 carrying members of the Red Army Choir had crashed into the Black Sea shortly after taking off Adler (south), killing 92 people.

In October 2017, a Su-24 bomber crashed into Hmeimim, killing both pilots.

Since the beginning of its military intervention in Syria in September 2015, the Russian army has deployed dozens of attack aircraft and bombers operating from Hmeimim airbase, located in the Alawite stronghold of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. , near Latakia.

Not to mention the crash, 45 Russian soldiers were officially killed during the military intervention in Syria. The Russian army did not say whether the Antonov’s passengers were military.

The Antonov 26, twin-engined short and medium-haul, can carry up to forty people at 6000 meters altitude and be launched in 1969. The latest models were built in 1986.