Thursday, December 2

Philippine: the ferry overturned 251 peoples on board

tropical storm tembin, Ferry overturned, island of Polillo

Due to strong storm a ferry overturned carrying 251 peoples off the eastern coast of the Philippine, the Coast Guard said.

The catastrophe occurred at about 11 am, a spokesman for the agency Armand Balilo said.

The ferry left the port of Real in the direction of the Pacific Ocean around 10.30 am turned over due to a strong storm, there are victims.

Confirmed the death of four people whose bodies were removed from the water, but the total number of victims can significantly increase.

According to official reports, rescuers managed to take on board several people near the island of Polillo. But the full-scale operation of rescue boats and helicopters is hampered by weather conditions.

The representative of the local emergency service, Juanito Diaz, said that, according to preliminary investigation, a hole appeared in the ferry building, because of which he overturned.

“Rescuers continue to look for passengers in the water”, – quotes Diaz Philippines Inquirer.

According to one of the rescuers, such a ferry can accommodate 280 people, so it was not overloaded.

Shipwrecks occur relatively often in the Philippines, where storm weather is not uncommon.

The tropical storm “Tembin” will hit the Philippines on Friday morning.

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