Wednesday, October 20

Pakistan on Monday summons US ambassador after Trump’s tweet

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Pakistan on Monday summoned the US ambassador to Islamabad, a spokesman said Tuesday, a rare gesture of defiance after President Donald Trump‘s threats to cut off aid to the country accused of not doing enough for terrorism.

Ambassador David Hale was invited to visit the Pakistani Foreign Ministry Monday night, an embassy spokesman said, adding, “He went there and met with officials. We have no comment on the content of the meeting. ”

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry did not wish to comment.

The convocation was held after a tweet from Donald Trump, very hard, against Pakistan on Monday.

“The United States has foolishly given $33 billion in aid to Pakistan in the past 15 years and they have not given us anything in return other than lies and duplicity, taking our leaders for idiots,” wrote the American president.

“They are sheltering the terrorists we are hunting in Afghanistan, without much help. It’s finish ! He said.

Pakistan quickly retorted that it helped the United States “decimate” al-Qaeda, only to get “invective and mistrust” through its Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir-Khan.

Islamabad, an ally of the United States since the Cold War, denies American accusations for a long time and blames Washington for ignoring the thousands of Pakistanis killed in the fight against terrorism.

After the September 11 attacks, the two countries had forged a strategic partnership to defeat Islamist armed groups in the region. But the United States, like Afghanistan, accuses Pakistan of supporting Taliban assets in the neighboring country.

The Haqqani network, which for a long time was taking refuge in Pakistan while carrying out some of the worst attacks on US forces in Afghanistan, has been described as the “real arm” of the Pakistani secret service by Mike Mullen, the former chief of staff. American armies.

Pakistan launched operations in its tribal areas on the Afghan border in 2014, claiming that it has now eradicated all the back bases of Islamist groups.

The Trump administration told Congress in August that it was very seriously considering the possibility of not paying $255 million in aid, the payment of which has already been delayed.

US-Pakistan relations were already difficult under the Obama administration, which also denounced Islamabad’s ambiguous attitude. They have further deteriorated with the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House.

In August, the US president accused Islamabad of playing a double game in Afghanistan and housing “agents of chaos” on its soil.

In December, he had already threatened to stop helping Pakistan. “We pay huge sums each year to Pakistan. They have to help us, “the president said.

“A cut in the aids, at some point, becomes inevitable,” analyst Michael Kugelman, Pakistan’s expert, said on Twitter.

“Trump is used to making very harsh statements that only vitiate the atmosphere and violate diplomatic niceties. But there is no possibility of a hard reaction, “as” a total cut of aid, “responded for its part estimated the Pakistani expert Hassan Askari.

The United States “will not take extreme action, as it would force Pakistan to prohibit their soldiers and supplies from passing through (the border crossings of) Torkham and Shaman,” he added.

The US military needs Pakistan’s logistical support to access its troops based in Afghanistan.