Wednesday, October 20

New complaint against Spotify music in the United State

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An American music publisher has filed a lawsuit against Swedish star Spotify musicĀ and is claiming $ 1.6 billion from online music listener, accusing her of not having paid more than 10,000 songs.

Wixen Music Publishing, which owns the rights of artists like Neil Young, the Doors, Tom Petty and Santana filed its complaint last week, blaming the music streaming platform for not seeking rights for much of from his catalog, with 30 million pieces.

“While Spotify has become a multi-billion dollar company, music composers and their publishers, like Wixen, have not been able to take advantage of Spotify’s success in a fair and equitable way, since Spotify has used their music several times without having the rights, and without giving financial compensation, “states the complaint filed last week in a federal court in Los Angeles.

The court document states that Spotify initially tried to collaborate with record companies, but “in a race to be first in the market, did not make enough effort to acquire the various elements required”.

Wixen, who is calling for a jury trial, has sent a list of 10,784 songs that he says are being leaked illegally by Spotify.

The publisher explained that he was asking for the maximum compensation allowed per song ($150,000), which makes a total of $ 1.6 billion for all songs, not counting the lawyer’s fees.

Spotify, which did not react to the complaint, had agreed in May 2017 to create a $ 43.45 million fund to put an end to potentially costly legal proceedings with American artists.

Wixen has called the deal, which still has to be approved by a federal judge in New York, “largely insufficient”. Even when they do not succeed, the complaints hurt the company, which wants to go public.

Spotify, announced in June to have reached 140 million users, as well as a sharp increase in its turnover.