Monday, January 18

Meltdown and Specter: the iPhone, iPad and Mac also affected

iPad and Mac, iPhone, iOS devices

Apple has confirmed Thursday that its Mac computers and all its devices running iOS are threatened by Meltdown and Specter, two major computer vulnerabilities.

Meltdown and Spectrum affect almost all computers and many mobile devices made in the last 20 years. Intel, AMD and Arm branded processors are affected. Macs have been equipped with Intel processors for many years, while those of Arm are integrated into a variety of mobile devices, including iOS devices.

By using any of these flaws, an attacker could seize critical information stored in a computer, including passwords and encryption codes.

Apple has already issued updates to mitigate the threat to its devices, but it points out that the breach is not filled yet.

“We continue to design and test more mitigation measures for these vulnerabilities and make them publicly available in future updates of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS,”.

Because these vulnerabilities require that a malicious application be installed on your Mac or iOS device to be enabled, we recommend that you only download software from trusted sources, such as the App Store.”

An update to protect Safari users should be released in the coming days, according to Apple.

Android devices also threatened

Google, Apple’s main rival in the mobile phone market, has made similar comments about its own devices, which work with the Android operating system.

The company said Android’s latest security update included mitigation against Meltdown and Spectrum attacks for its Arm-built devices.

In addition, most of Google’s services, such as its search engine, Gmail, Drive, YouTube and Maps, are considered safe by the company. His browser Chrome will not be protected, however, before the publication of its next version, scheduled for January 23.

The complete list of Google services and devices and their status can be found on the company’s official website (note: the page is available in English only, at the time of publication).

In order to guard against potential attacks, it is also recommended to ensure that the embedded software and drivers of its computer parts, as well as its operating system and software are updated regularly.