Tuesday, September 28

Former Toyota president Tatsuro Toyoda died

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Tatsuro Toyoda, son of the founder of the Japanese automaker Toyota and former president of the company, died at the age of 88.

The firm said Saturday that Mr. Toyoda died of pneumonia on December 30th.

Tatsuro Toyoda had left his position as president of Toyota in 1995, while remaining a consultant for the company.

His father Kiichiro Toyoda had created the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1937.

Even so, even if becoming the world’s largest, the management stance of moving forward is still an ideal, but not everyone can do it. Rather, people who can not do it is commonplace. To be a hint to understand Toyota’s wonder is the founder · Kiichiro Toyoda’s mind.

Kiichiro Toyoda (Toyoda Kiichiro * Personal name is “TOYODA” with a voiced point, 1894 – 1952) is the founder of Toyota Motor, but it was not started from a penniless business. My father, Sakichi Toyoda (Toyota Sachibi, 1867 – 1930) has already established Toyoda Boshoku (now · Toyota Boshoku) and made it successful.

Kiichiro intends to father · Sakichiro and will study at Tokyo Imperial University Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering and Law Faculty of the University in order to become a manager. After that, I return to the local Nagoya and join Toyoda Boshi. Originally, as it is a place to follow the business of the father according to his intentions, Kiichiro was more interested in research and development than management.

And I thought that the automobile industry that I saw when I traveled to the West in the future will develop greatly in the future, and in 1933 we created a car production department. This is independent in 1937 as Toyota Motor Industry Co., Ltd.

When Kiichiro declared “I am going to drive a car from now on,” stakeholders including my father have been told that he has been told, it is said that there were many opposing opinions. Still challenging and making the success of Kiichiro’s mind seems to be inherited also to Toyota now. I hope Japan will continue to challenge as a world leading company.