Monday, February 24

Death Penalty for Murderer and Rapist of Zainab Fatima

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Imran Ali, 24, was found guilty of murdering Zainab Fatima Ameen, 6, whose body was found in early January. Little Zainab was the twelfth child murdered in the last two years within a radius of two kilometers around Kasur…

According to the authorities. Ali, whose DNA was found on Zainab Fatima and six other victims, confessed to eight crimes in total.

The main suspect in the rape and murder of a young girl was sentenced to death on Saturday, a case that shocked Pakistan and fueled the fear of a serial killer targeting children in the city of Kasur.

“The court has pronounced four death sentences against this serial killer”, one “for kidnapping Zainab“, another “for having raped her”, a third “for killing her” and a fourth “for other terrorist charges, “the Attorney General of Punjab province, Ihtesham Qadir, told reporters.

The hearing, which was not interested in Ali’s other alleged victims, was held in camera at Kot Lakhpat Prison in Lahore for security reasons. Only relatives of the victims had access to the courtroom, the journalists being held 500 meters upstream.

The court also sentenced Imran Ali to several other sentences, including one life sentence, and several fines, for a total of 3.2 million rupees (about $36,900), including “hiding the corpse in the garbage, “prosecutor Qadir continued.

“It was a fair trial,” said Mian Sultan Masood, the accused’s lawyer, who was provided by the state, his former defender having recused himself. “The accused admitted his crime. In this context, it is correct that he has been sentenced to death, “he continued.

Zainab’s mother, Nusrat Bibi, welcomed the verdict. “I want him to be publicly hanged where he took Zainab,” she told reporters.

The president, Ahmed Pansota, who is opposed to the public hanging, because it is unconstitutional, has expressed reservations about the “correctness” of the trial, the verdict of which was handed down less than a month after the arrest. suspect.

“Accelerated justice, in this case, is in accordance with the constitution. But in many similar cases, justice is not done because of media pressure, extenuating circumstances being excluded “for the accused, said the High Court lawyer.

The rape and murder of the girl shocked public opinion in Pakistan. A violent protest against the alleged inaction of the police has killed two people in Kasur. Celebrities, opposition politicians, and anonymous people demanded the arrest of the culprit while the Justice For Zainab Fatima hashtag circulated on social media.

According to Zainab Fatima‘s father, Ameen Ansari, Ali, who lived nearby, took part in the demonstrations that set the city on fire after the death of his daughter.

The anger of the inhabitants was fueled by the fact that the Kasur region is already infamous for a case of sexual crimes.

In 2015, a huge pedophilia scandal was discovered there. Videos showing at least 280 child victims of s***al abuse by a gang that blackmailed families were found. At that time, the police had been accused of turning a blind eye.