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BMW concept vehicle without touching the steering wheel

BMW iNext, BMW concept vehicle, purely electric group

700 km of electric range without touching the steering wheel…We have been hearing about this BMW concept vehicle for a year.

But apart from the manufacturer’s intention to decline an autonomous vehicle ready to be marketed in 2021, we had very little to put in their mouths. It has just changed.

Within three years, BMW intends to market a vehicle offered with different engines, including a purely electric group capable of a range of 700 km per charge.

The latter will display a power that can vary from 134 to 800 horses, depending on whether it is assisted by a displacement or that it is used solo.

As a bonus, this vehicle, whose shape and dimensions will be similar to those of the current X5, according to a spokesman for BMW concept, will be able to drive alone most of the time, since BMW concept promises a level 5 autonomy, the highest level contemplated by the industry at this time.

This should position the German brand at the forefront of automotive technology, alongside General Motors and Waymo (Google), which share similar ambitions and a similar schedule.

Indeed, the X2 is at X1 what are the X6 to X5 or X4 to X3, that is to say utilities with a sharper profile. But the distinction between the X1 and the X2 does not stop only with the profile of its flag or its tapered side windows.

Because the X2 has the privilege to inaugurate the new aesthetic codes of the brand, as evidenced in particular the calender whose atypical form has been updated. In terms of architecture, the X2 shares essentially the same characteristics as the X1. This is reassuring about the reliability of this new model.

The X3 gets a new look

In the utility range always, the X3 is also a new skin. This third generation does not occupy much more space in the street than the previous one (the width has been increased, not the length), but the wheelbase has been lengthened by a few millimeters to increase the interior volume. The occupants of the rear seat will benefit from increased clearance and luggage as the trunk is now more greedy. The range of mechanical offered, we find a new four-cylinder turbocharged turbocharger 2 liters whose power fluctuates according to the declination chosen. A six-cylinder in-line, pride of the brand, for its part reserves for the most powerful version, the M40i.

M5: a rare manual gearbox

Although utilities are now a very important part of its current revenues, BMW concept does not neglect in any case the development and diversification of its cars. For proof, the M5, vitamin version of the Series 5, takes its place in the catalog and, a rarity in this category, offers a manual transmission. Beyond this quirk in the eyes of some, let us retain the presence – a first for this model – of a four-wheel drive. An initiative that will avoid, fans of our home at least, having to store it in winter and sweat in large drops to control this sedan of 600 horses. The latter gallop in an eight-cylinder block supercharged by two turbochargers.

6 GT: longer, less square than the 5 GT

Less sporty but more functional with its tailgate opening, the 6 GT takes over from the defunct 5 GT. In addition to the different numeric prefix, this model adopts a more elegant profile, “less truck,” will recall the bad languages. To do this, stylists have lengthened the silhouette by a few centimeters and fluidized the line of the flag by lowering it a little. To these new proportions, let’s add that the 6 GT is lighter by about 150 kilos compared to its predecessor. A reduction in weight largely attributable to the adoption of a conventional hatchback rather than that of an unnamed complexity – with two openings – seen on the old model.

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4 years / unlimited mileage


4 years / unlimited mileage


4 years / unlimited mileage







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