Wednesday, October 20

Alain Delon: “I will leave this world without regrets”

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One of the most famous French actors, Alain Delon, says he will leave “this world without regrets” in a report interview published Thursday in a special issue of Paris Match devoted to his 60 years of career.

“Life does not bring me much more. I knew everything, saw everything. But above all, I hate this time, I vomited, “says the 82-year-old actor at the end of this interview entitled” Me, Delon: the interview of his life.”

“There are those beings that I hate. Everything is wrong, everything is wrong. There is no more respect, no more word given. Only money counts. We hear about crimes all day long. I know that I will leave this world without regrets, “says Alain Delon after reviewing his career, the difficult relationship with his family, the women he loved and the friends he lost.

“Almost everyone is dead,” says the mythical actor Cheetah (1963), tried a few months ago by the disappearance of Mireille Darc, who had shared his life in the 70s.

Asked about a woman’s place in her life today, the actor replies that he did not “find her”. “I’m not saying there are no female candidates. There are ten of them, but none at the moment suits me to finish my life. (…) I could marry a woman if she was ready to accompany me to the end, “says the actor.

Alain Delon also specifies that the shooting of his “last film”, planned with Patrice Leconte and where he must share the poster with Juliette Binoche, has “fallen behind”. And he “would like to go back on the boards one last time”.

The last feature film with Alain Delon dates back to 2008 with Asterix at the Olympic Games by Frederic Forestier and Thomas Langmann, in the self-deprecating role of Julius Caesar. At the theater, the actor was recently on the poster of Une Journee ordinaire by Eric Assous (2011 and 2013).