Sunday, July 12

470 Flights canceled heavy snowfall expected in New York

New York airports, La Guardia Airport, JFK International Airport, heavy rainfalls, NY Weather Service

Hundreds of flights were canceled Wednesday morning departing or departing from New York airports, before heavy snowfall expected from late morning.

Some 470 flights – nearly 37% of the planned total – from or to JFK International Airport had already been canceled at around 9 am, 550 flights – or 44% – for Newark International Airport, and 485 (42%) for La Guardia Airport, which primarily connects US destinations, according to the FlightAware flight-tracking website.

The agency that oversees the three airports, Port Authority, much criticized for the chaos that followed a big snowstorm in early January, said each airport had stored precautionary folding beds, blankets, diapers and baby milk.

Between 15 and 25 centimeters of snow were expected in New York City during the day, and up to 50 centimeters in the more rural areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Temperatures were relatively mild (2 ° C in New York City) and the National Weather Service, the national weather forecast, primarily “wet snow, with squalls and floods on the coast”.

New York public schools such as courts or utilities were open as usual.

The last storm that swept the northeastern United States last Friday killed at least five people, mostly due to heavy rainfalls that had accompanied heavy rains.

Waves in height from the house: on the east coast of the USA storm struck

On the east coast of the USA, a storm struck. Due to bad weather without electricity, about a million houses remained.

In a video filmed by an eyewitness on March 5 in Marshfield, Massachusetts, huge waves with a roof cover the houses off the Atlantic coast.